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Does my child need formal assessment?

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Formal assessment involves the use of assessment measures and tests, to get a sense of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Early identification of learning disorders and developmental disabilities means that your child can receive specialist attention and multi-disciplinary support to scaffold development and meet your child’s developmental and educational needs

Signs that your child may benefit from a formal assessment:

  • Meeting milestones later than peers, or not at all
  • Carrying out actions in a repetitive way
  • Strong resistance to change
  • Little or no interest in playing with other children
  • Frequent aggressive behaviour: e.g.; biting, pinching, kicking or self-injurious behaviours

While some carers are reluctant to seek help for their child’s difficulties, a diagnosis can bring a sense of understanding and relief, and guide treatment and support from additional specialists. If you would like to discuss assessment, or to ask further questions, please contact me.


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